Today's Kitchen: Make summer drink from fruits like litchi and phalse, the body will remain cool


Hydration is necessary if the body is to be protected from the effects of heat and strong sunlight. For this, along with water, take fruit juice and coconut water. Especially seasonal fruits. Seasonal fruits benefit the body and are healthy. Litchi is available in the market during the summer season. So let's try a delicious drink made from summer fruits like litchi and phalse. Which will refresh you as well as hydrate.


Make a drink with lychee and chia seeds
Tasty refreshment drinks can be prepared with the help of litchi and chia seeds. To make it, you will need grated ginger, one teaspoon of lemon juice, lychee juice in a glass, hundred grams of grapes, chia seeds, half a cup, mint leaves, salt. Put ginger, lemon juice, lychee and grapefruit juice in a jar. Add a little salt and ice cubes together and blend it in a mixer. Then add crushed mint leaves with chia seeds to it and serve it cold in a glass.

Phalse ka sherbet
The cold syrup of Phalse will refresh the whole body. The method of making it is also very easy. To make sherbet, you will need half a kilogram of phalsa, sugar, black salt, black pepper powder, water, ice.


How to make Phalse Ka Sharbat
To make sherbet, first wash the phalsa and separate the cold. Now mix sugar, salt and pepper in a bowl. Take Phalsa together and mash it. If you want to mash, you can take a potato masher or mash it with the help of a spoon. Keep this pulped phalsa in the sun for an hour.
After an hour add cold water to this mashed phalsa. Mix well. So that all the juice of the phalsa comes out. Now filter it with the help of a sieve. So that all the middle etc. get filtered. Just serve this syrup chilled by adding ice cubes.