Today's Kitchen: Make pasta cutlets for kids, will be ready in minutes


Every child loves to eat pasta. Children's faces blossom at the name of pasta. Then when you get the taste of cutlets with pasta, then what to say. From breakfast to snacks, you can make cutlets made of pasta. Whenever children insist on eating fast food or something spicy, then such snacks can be easily prepared for the children. However, pasta cutlets are also a perfect evening snack for adults. So let's know what is the recipe of making pasta cutlets.


Ingredients for making Pasta Cutlets
Pasta half cup, bread slice one, potato one, onion finely chopped, half teaspoon chaat masala, green coriander, green chili chopped, oil, salt to taste, capsicum, broccoli, carrot, as well as vegetables of choice. Finely chop all these vegetables.


How to make Pasta Cutlets
To make pasta cutlets, first boil the pasta. When they are cooked, wash them with cold water. Then boil the potatoes. Now mash the boiled pasta and boiled potatoes in a bowl. After mashing it well, add finely chopped onion to it. Also add broccoli, capsicum, carrot. Mix together finely chopped green chilies, coriander leaves and chaat masala. Mix all the things well together. Babies can be fed pasta cutlets by adding many other healthy vegetables. This will also give them taste and will also get the nutrition of vegetables. Divide all the mixture into equal portions and shape the cutlets as desired. Heat oil in a pan and put the cutlets in the oil by reducing the flame to medium. Then fry till golden. When the cutlets are cooked from both the sides, take them out in a plate. Serve with chutney or ketchup.