Today's Kitchen: Make mangoes like market and prepare it at home, easy way to make


Everyone must have drunk the market's Maaja and Frooti. But if you want, you can prepare it by making it at home. Making a market like a market is very easy. Also you can prepare mango panna by making it. Along with giving coolness to the body in summer, mangoes of the season are liked by everyone. So let's know the recipe of these two drinks made from mango. Which you can make quickly without any extra preparation. You can increase or decrease the sweetness according to taste to make mango panna and maaja. Along with this, use cold water instead of ice to make Maaja. This will work to enhance the taste. Aam panna can also be made thinner or thicker according to taste.


Ingredients for making Mango Maza
To make Homemade Mango Maaja, you can take good quality mangoes like Alphonso or Hafooz. Cut these ripe mangoes. Also finely chop a raw mango. Take water as per your need. Take three-fourth cup of powdered sugar. A pinch of salt, the juice of half a lemon.

Ingredients for Mango Pana
One raw mango, water as required, half a cup of ground sugar, mint leaves, black salt, salt, as per taste, half a teaspoon of roasted cumin and a little for garnishing, lemon juice one teaspoon, ice cubes.


Homemade Maaza Recipe
-Take ripe and raw mangoes and cook them in a pressure cooker by adding a glass of water. Switch off the gas by putting a whistle in it. And let the pressure cooker cool down. Now take out this ripe raw and ripe mango in a vessel and keep it. Add salt, sugar and lemon juice to it. Now blend it with the help of hand blender. Otherwise, put it in the mixer and stir it. Now filter it with the help of a sieve. -So that lumps do not remain in it.
-Now add one liter of cold water to this mixture. Do not use ice for better taste. Homemade Maaja is ready. Pour it in a glass and serve. To make mango pana, put a glass of water in the cooker and cook it by adding raw mangoes together. Switch off the gas and let the mango cool down. Now take out the raw mango from the cooker and peel it.
-Peel and take out the pulp of this mango. Add mint leaves, black salt, white salt, roasted cumin powder and powdered sugar to this pulp. Now put all these things in a mixer and grind them. Also add some water along with it. Take it out in a bowl and pour cold water. Add lemon juice and serve cold in serving gisal. Pour ice cubes over it and serve garnished with mint leaves.