Today's Kitchen: Know the cooking tips to reduce the spice in the food


Cooking Tips To Reduce Spice In Food: Oil in food makes the taste better due to spices. Without these, any dish looks dull, but the same oil spices can spoil the taste of the food. Many times when cooking food, oil and spices are not mixed in the right proportion, its taste deteriorates. If the oil spices in the recipe is more or less, then the food starts to taste tasteless. This mistake is more with those people, who rarely go to the kitchen and do not know the exact quantity or quantity of spices due to not cooking daily. Such people often add spices to the food out of fear, so that the quantity of oil spices in it does not increase. If you also have this problem and the cooking oil gets spoiled due to lack of knowledge of the correct ratio of spices, then do not panic. In some simple ways, you can improve the taste of food. Too much oil can make a dish taste bad again with spices and no one will even know whether the dish had more or less spices. If there is more or less oil and spices in the food, taste it in these ways.


Boiled potatoes will work
If you are making curry sabzi and the oil becomes too much in it, then add some boiled potatoes to the curry sabzi and cook the sabzi covered for five minutes. The potatoes will absorb the extra vegetable oil and the quantity of oil will be equal to the spices. If spices or salt are less, then add them and cook the vegetable.

Tomato puree
If you feel too much oil in the vegetable, then first separate the oil from the upper layer of the vegetable. Then add tomato puree to it. This will reduce the vegetable oil and enhance the taste. If there is more oil spices in the dry vegetable, then take out the vegetable in a pan by separating it from the squeezed oil. Now put tomato puree in the remaining oil in the pan and cook it. When the puree is cooked, add the cooked vegetables from above and cover it for two minutes and cook on low flame.

Gram Flour
If there is more oil in any kind of dry vegetable, then to reduce its oil and increase the taste of the vegetable, roast the gram flour lightly and mix it on top. Cook for some time till the vegetable is coated well in the gram flour. This will make the vegetable crispy and tasty.


Dry roasted bread crumbs can be added to the curry vegetable if the oil is high. When there is more oil, the bread absorbs it and keeps the taste even.