Today's Kitchen: If you like non-veg, then make Sindhi mutton fry, heart will eat again and again


Non-veg eaters are looking for a new recipe every day. In such a situation, Sindhi Mutton Fry will definitely be liked. Some special things are needed to make it. Which is made by wrapping it in pieces of mutton. It is very tasty. So the next time a guest comes to the house or if you want to eat some great food, then definitely make Sindhi Mutton Fry. So let's know what is the recipe of Sindhi Style Mutton Fry.


Ingredients of Sindhi Mutton Fry
Half a kilo of mutton pieces, a bowl of raw papaya paste, oil as required, two onions grated. Ginger and garlic paste, curd, tomato, finely chopped coriander, one teaspoon cumin, coriander powder one teaspoon, green chili, red chili, green cardamom, salt as per taste.


How to make Sindhi Mutton Fry
-First of all wash the mutton pieces thoroughly. Then peel and cut the raw papaya. Now grind it in a grinder jar and make a paste. Apply this raw papaya paste on the washed mutton pieces. Put it on and keep it like this. For about half an hour. Prepare fresh garam masala. For this, mix black cardamom, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, bay leaf and grind it finely. By the way, if you want, you can also use pre-prepared or market spices. But the taste of fresh spices is different.
-Now heat oil in a pan. Add onions and fry till golden brown. Add ginger-garlic paste together. Fry it till its rawness goes away. Now add mutton pieces with papaya paste in this roasted paste. Fry them till they dry out and leave the oil. Now pour freshly made garam masala over it. When it starts to cook a little, then add tomato puree to it. Lastly, add two cups of hot water and leave the mutton to melt.
-Cover the pan well. When the mutton is cooked well, remove the lid and check. Now put green coriander leaves on this Sindhi Mutton Fry and cover it. Sindhi Mutton Fry is ready. Serve it as a snack. Its taste will be amazing.