Today's Kitchen: How to make Onion Rings for Tea-Time, know the recipe...


But if you do not want to make pakodas with tea this evening, then try Onion Rings. It is not difficult to make nor will it take much time. Simply cut the onion round and wrap it in bread crumbs. Its taste will be completely different from ordinary onion dumplings. So let's know what is the recipe for making onion rings.


Ingredients for Onion Rings
Three to four onions, hundred grams of flour, cornflour two spoons, chili flakes one spoon, bread crumbs or corn flakes can also be crushed and used, mixed herbs, salt for frying oil as per taste.

How to make Onion Rings
To make onion rings, take a large size onion. This will make the rings bigger and look beautiful too. First of all, cut the onion into one-inch thick pieces in a round shape. Separate the round rings of onions. With this, many rings will come out in one onion itself. In your two to three onions, a sufficient number of rings will be ready.

Now take flour in a bowl. Mix cornflour together. After mixing both well, add salt as per taste. Also add mixed herbs and chili flakes. Now add water to this mixture. Add enough water so that it becomes a thick batter. Just don't leave lumps in the solution.


Put oil in a pan and put it on the gas and heat it. When this oil is hot enough, then put the onion rings in the mixture of refined flour and cornflour. Crush bread crumbs or cornflour on a plate and keep it together. Remove the onion rings from the batter and place them on a plate containing bread crumbs and coat them well. Then put it once again in the flour solution. When it gets coated well, then put it in hot oil and fry it golden. Onion rings are ready, serve them with hot evening tea to elders and children.