Today's Kitchen: Give these nutritious things to children in the lunch box every day, make menu for the whole week


If the child goes to school, then the biggest dilemma for the mother is the lunchbox. What to eat daily in the lunchbox should not only be tasty but also full of nutrients. So that the child finishes eating the entire tiffin. If you are also one of those mothers who face this kind of dilemma everyday. Then this menu for the whole week will come in handy for you. With the help of this, you will be able to give something different and tasty food to the child every day in tiffin.


On the first day of going to school after Sunday, make muffins prepared from oats, orange and dryfruits in the lunch box to the children. It will not only be tasty but also nutritious. Along with it you can have cucumber. Give a salad prepared from tomatoes and cheese. This type of salad will be ready in the morning. On the other hand, you can prepare muffins in advance on Sundays.

By giving tasty and different food to the children daily, their eating habits will also improve and they will stay away from junk food. On Tuesday, you can give cheela made of mixed vegetable and gram flour in tiffin. Along with it, give fruit salad or milk shake. In tiffin, the child will eat these things quickly and he will also get full nutrition.

On Wednesday, give pasta or macaroni to children's tiffin. Put lots of vegetables in it. Also, prepare moong sprouts. Also, keep any favorite fruit in the child's tiffin.


On Thursday, make a mother bread roll in the child's tiffin. Fill it with cheese and corn stuffing. Or you can also use potato of the child's choice in the stuffing.

Make vegetable cutlets on the last days of the week. You can prepare this type of cutlet stuffing a day in advance. You can just fry it in the morning.


You can make idli and give it to the children during the weekend. Or you can also give noodles or sandwiches by adding pulao vegetables.