Today's Kitchen: Feed healthy breakfast to children in breakfast, make crunchy veg spring rolls with this recipe


Make Healthy Veg Spring Rolls: These days most of the children have got addicted to outside food. They like Chinese food or all kinds of junk food in the market. He makes up his mind to eat something like this every day. But eating regular market food not only loosens your pocket, but also affects their health. Most parents want their children to be healthy. That is why he feeds pulses, vegetables etc. to the children. Parents focus on nutrition and children focus on taste. In such a situation, you can make a dish of the children's choice at home and feed them. Home-cooked food will be healthier than outdoor dishes. Also, if you include nutrition in the children's favorite dish, then the children also eat it with pleasure. Today, one such favorite dish recipe is being told for children, which you can make with vegetables. Kids love spring rolls. They are found expensive in the market and can not even fill the stomach of children. Therefore, prepare crunchy veg spring rolls for breakfast with the recipe mentioned here.


Ingredients for Veg Spring Rolls
100 grams all purpose flour, one cup finely chopped cabbage, capsicum, carrot, onion, paneer, green chili, ginger, spices, black pepper, red chili, ajinomoto, soy sauce, salt, oil for frying.

How to make spring rolls
Step 1- To make spring rolls, first of all, in a bowl, make a thin and smooth batter by adding flour to the bark and water in it.
Step 2- Now keep the flour mixture covered for an hour.
Keep in mind that do not start making rolls as soon as the batter is made, rather let the flour rise well.

How to make Spring Roll Stuffing
Step 1- As long as the flour is kept to rise, prepare the spring roll stuffing.
Step 2- For this, heat a spoonful of oil in a pan.
Step 3- In hot oil, add finely chopped green chilies, grated ginger, chopped cabbage, carrot, capsicum and mashed paneer.
Step 4- Now fry this mixture of paneer and vegetables for about a minute. Keep in mind that the vegetables are not fully cooked, fry till they become slightly soft.
Step 5- Then add black pepper, red chili, ajinomoto, soya sauce and salt to it and mix it well. Spring roll stuffing is ready.


How to make Spring Roll Wrappers
Step 1- Heat a non stick tava (griddle) on the gas. When the tawa is hot, put some oil in it and spread the oil all around on the pan. The tawa should not be too hot.
Step 2- Now spread a spoonful of flour mixture on the pan and spread it. Cook the solution on low flame.
Step 3- If the color of the top surface of the batter starts changing, then the sides of the wrapper will start coming out from the pan on their own. Lift the wrapper and place it on the plate.
Step 4- Put two spoons of stuffing on the top side of this wrapper and spread it thinly and make a roll of wrapper.
Step 5- After preparing all the rolls in the same way, heat oil in a pan and fry the spring rolls. Fry till light brown.
Your spring rolls are ready. Remove from the pan and take it out on a plate.