Today's Health Tips: These five juices will give you a feeling of coolness in summer, know their amazing benefits here


For the past few days, the heat is getting very hot and now people have to bear the scorching heat as well. Before this, a dust storm and storm-like situation had also arisen. At the same time, the scorching heat of the sun is also bothering people a lot as soon as the morning starts. The mercury is also going above 40 and the AC-coolers are also seen dying in front of the heat. In such a situation, it is also necessary to avoid scorching heat, for which people drink a lot of water, which is also necessary. Actually, if the body does not get enough water, then the body starts getting dehydrated. In such a situation, if you want to give coolness to the body like winter this summer, then you can consume some juice. These juices give you many benefits in the summer season. So let's know about them. You can learn more about this in the next slides...


Watermelon juice benefits
There is no shortage of water in the body by consuming watermelon, because it is considered to be the best source to replenish water. It contains 92 percent water in addition to vitamins C, B, B2 and B3. In such a situation, you can drink its juice in summer. Just keep in mind that it must be cooled before consumption.

Can drink mango panna
Aam panna can be perfect for you in the summer season, it cools your throat, gives freshness and also helps in relieving your fatigue. Not only can you consume it yourself, you can also give it to your children.

Lemonade is also beneficial
Lemon water not only gives relief to your body in summer, but it also works to give energy. It is rich in minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin E and folate.

Can you drink whey
You can also drink whey i.e. buttermilk to get cool in the summer season. A good amount of protein, vitamin-B and potassium are found in it. By consuming it in summer, your body also gets many benefits.


Nutrient-rich coconut water
You can consume coconut water during the summer season, as it contains many complete nutrients. Coconut water also helps you in increasing the energy level lowered in summer.