Today's Health Tips: Keep children away from these things, there is a serious negative effect on health


Being serious about the health of children is very necessary for a better and healthy society. According to experts, taking care of the nutrition, lifestyle and habits of children, if efforts are made to keep their health better, then they can be protected from many types of health problems in future. Health experts say that many such health problems are being diagnosed in children these days for which lifestyle and unhealthy habits are considered to be the main reason. Some of these habits may also have long-term health risks, which parents need to pay special attention to. Childhood is the basis of a healthy life, in such a situation it becomes very necessary to monitor the habits of children. Pediatricians say that attention should be paid to keeping the diet and lifestyle of children right. Let us know which things are considered harmful to the health of children, from which they should try to keep away. This change is very necessary for a healthy life.


Junk foods are harmful
Health experts consider the increasing habit of consuming junk foods in children to be very harmful in terms of health. Research suggests that regular junk food consumption significantly increases the risk of long-term health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. These conditions also pose a serious risk of many chronic diseases. Excess consumption of junk foods increases the amount of calories, due to which there is a risk of many damages to health.

Children should not spend more time on mobile phones
In this era of Corona, children's education has become more dependent on online mode, due to which naturally the use of mobile phones among children has increased significantly. However, health experts consider it to be a factor of very serious health risks. Studies show that children spend too much time on mobile phones or any screen can be harmful for them both physically and mentally. In particular, this has led to a decrease in children's IQ levels and increased risk of mental development, lack of sleep, brain tumors and mental diseases.


Late sleeping habit in children
Health experts say that problems like sleeping late or not getting enough sleep are being seen in many children. The habit of not getting enough sleep at night can negatively affect the health of children. Because of this, anger and hyperactivity in children is increasing significantly. Lack of sleep can also have a negative effect on the mental and physical development of children in many ways.