Today's Health Tips: Eating these five things increases the problem of hair fall, reduce the intake to prevent hair fall


Everyone wants to have black thick hair. Hair is seen as a natural medium of beauty. Be it boys or girls, everyone wants to have black thick hair, but due to today's spoiled lifestyle, wrong eating habits and polluted environment, the problem of hair fall is increasing. People's hair starts falling at an early age. The problem of hair loss is being seen in men more than women. Most of the men are facing the problem of premature baldness. From women to men troubled by hair loss, they use a variety of home remedies, hair oils, shampoos and products, but sometimes it has the opposite effect. Complaints of dandruff, thin hair, baldness start increasing. In such a situation, if you are also troubled by the problem of hair loss, then start with food. According to experts, hair fall is more due to the consumption of certain things. Unknowingly people keep consuming such food items. Therefore, if you reduce the consumption of those things to prevent hair fall, then it can be harmful for the hair. Let us know which food intake increases the problem of hair fall.


Excessive consumption of sugar promotes many diseases. Sugar can be harmful to the body. According to a study, insulin resistance is formed in diabetic patients, due to which their hair starts falling. Being overweight can also cause hair loss. If it is not controlled at the right time, it can also lead to baldness. Therefore, the consumption of sugar should be kept to a minimum.

Consumption of alcohol is not good in any way. Drinking alcohol causes many damages both mentally and physically. Alcohol has an effect on your hair too. Actually hair is made from a protein called keratin. Consumption of alcohol has a negative effect on proteins and hair becomes weak and starts falling.

Raw egg
Egg is beneficial for health, especially for hair, egg is considered very useful, but there is a right way to use it. Consuming raw eggs can be harmful for the hair. Biotin deficiency is caused by consuming raw egg whites. Biotin helps in the formation of keratin, which acts as a hair protein. In such a situation, instead of eating raw egg, cooked egg should be eaten.


Junk food
Nowadays the consumption of junk food has increased from children to youth. Junk food is very harmful for health. Saturated and monounsaturated fats are found in junk food. Due to which obesity can increase as well as heart diseases. There is also the problem of hair fall. Consumption of spicy and oily foods lubricates the scalp, this can lead to smaller pores and increase the problem of hair fall.