To remove tanning, use tomatoes in this way, the difference will be visible in 3 days!


Tomato is useful not only in making food tasty but also in staying healthy. Tomato, which is used to enhance the taste of many dishes, is very beneficial for the skin. Tomato is very effective in improving the complexion of the skin, eliminating blemishes, and making it glowing. Actually, the anti-bacterial and other antioxidants present in it work to repair the skin from within. Tanning caused due to sun and heat can also be removed with its help. Due to the beneficial effect of tomatoes, nowadays even tomato-based products are available in the market.

By the way, you can remove tanning from tomatoes even by staying at home. We will tell you about some such tips or methods adopting which you can repair sun tan or burnt skin.


Tomatoes and sugar

You have to prepare a scrub of tomato and sugar and apply it to the face. First, grind the tomato and mix fine sugar in it. Apply the prepared scrub to the face and massage gently. Now take lukewarm water and wash the face. In this way, dead cells will be able to be removed from the skin and within a few days, a glow will also be visible. One advantage of this home remedy is that it can also remove skin pigmentation.

Tomato and Lemon

In case of a tanning problem, you should apply lemon mixed with tomato juice. Tomatoes have natural bleaching properties, while the vitamin C present in lemon works to improve the complexion of the skin. Take tomato juice and add two spoons of lemon juice to it. Apply the prepared mixture to the face and leave it to dry. Now take rose water and massage the face with light hands. After that wash the face with normal water.


Tomato and honey

The bleaching properties of tomatoes will work to improve the complexion, while honey will work to improve skin tone. Cut the tomato in half and apply some honey to it. Massage the skin of tomatoes with honey and do this for at least 3 minutes. Along with making the skin soft, honey can also remove the pigmentation present on it.