To reduce obesity fast, what and how much should be eaten in the diet? Click here to know!


Obesity has become a problem for everyone today. Why people who eat less are also prone to obesity? Because they do not follow the right diet. Obesity has become a problem for everyone today. People who eat less are also prone to obesity. From childhood to old age are victims of obesity. The most surprising thing is that college-going youth are also victims of obesity.


Whereas it is often believed that college-going youth are thin because they take great care of their fitness and they also want to look fit in front of their friends.

People eat less, yet fat

But in today's world, it is not so. Why so? Because now people do not follow the right diet. You must have often noticed that even if people do not eat much, they are still obese. In such a situation, they cannot even tell them that they should reduce their food. It simply means that they eat anything in their diet and are not taking a healthy diet.

So what to do?

In such a situation, read this article and know what and how much should be eaten in the diet to reduce obesity rapidly. For this, first of all, there is a need to understand the process of losing weight.

Weight loss process

A layer of fat in the stomach is formed in three days and it takes six to seven days to eliminate it. In such a situation, you can understand that it takes twice as long to reduce the fat that is formed in three days. We get calories from whatever we eat. We get calories from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats which are high in potatoes, sweets, and junk food. That's why people are not fat even after eating a lot of lentils and roti at home, whereas by eating junk food outside, people become fat.

Do not consume more than 700 calories

Carbs and fat play the biggest role in gaining weight. No matter how strong a diet you may follow… if you take 700 calories daily in your diet, then your obesity is bound to increase.

There are many diseases

Due to the increase in obesity, all diseases are also caused. Due to this, there is a problem of weak digestion in the body, drinking water immediately after eating, less sleep, and the effect of any medicine or hormonal imbalance.

Take calories according to your body


If you do not exercise then your work will run in 2000 to 2200 calories in the whole day. If you work hard or go to the gym well, then you will need 2400 to 2800 calories. Similarly, for women who do not go to the gym, etc., their work goes on in 1800 calories. Women who do running or hard work, need 2200 calories. A college-going girl needs about 2000 calories every day. Keep in mind one more thing here in this calculation we have included the age group of 18 to 35 years.

For example, if a 25-year-old youth weighs 70 kg and does not exercise, then he has to get 440 calories from protein, 330 calories from carbs, and 330 calories from fat.

One gram of protein contains four calories, so 440 calories will be needed - 440/4 = 110

One gram of carb contains four calories, so 330 calories will require 330/4 = 82 grams, approximately

One gram of fat contains 9 Calories so 330 calories would be needed for 330/4 = 82 grams approx.

Eat less junk food

Do not stop eating junk food in one go. Because if you have a habit of junk food then it will not leave you and you will start eating more junk food. Therefore, eat junk food twice a month and try to eat more and more homemade food. Eat more fruits. Drink juice.