To keep their kidneys healthy, diabetic patients should avoid these things\


To avoid damage to the kidneys due to high blood sugar, it is necessary to abstain from the diet. People suffering from this problem should stay away from foods high in sugar as well as high in calories. Including fresh fruits, whole grains, and vegetables in your diet provides essential nutrients to the body and can also avoid the consumption of excess calories.


Even if a normal person smokes, then there is a bad effect on his lungs, kidneys, etc. In such a situation, smoking has a very bad effect on the health of diabetic patients and this effect starts happening at a very fast rate, which increases the chances of kidney damage.

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By checking the blood sugar level and taking medicines as per the advice of the doctor, proper diet and exercise can be a part of your daily blood pressure control.


If diabetic patients want their kidneys to be healthy, then for that they have to exercise daily. Exercises like running, brisk walking, and swimming are beneficial for patients. Exercising not only keeps the sugar level under control but also reduces the chances of kidney damage.


Even if your blood sugar level is under control and at a level suitable for good health, you need to take medicines regularly. If the medicine is missed for a single day, then its effect starts showing differently in the future. Other organs of the body such as the kidney can be affected.