Tips to make the thick gravy:-Make gravy thick with potatoes and rice, learn how


Till now we have taught you how to make the gravy thick without onion. The gravy is thickened without tomatoes. We tell you the ways that make your work easier and make your food taste better. Even today we are going to tell you 2 such new tricks. 

Rice and potatoes are two ingredients that you can use to thicken your gravy. These two ingredients enhance the consistency of the gravy as well as enhance its texture. Who would not feel hungry after seeing good food on the dining table like this? 

Let us tell you how to use these two things in gravy so that you can make delicious dishes for your family.

1. Thicken the gravy with potato starch

This gluten-free starch can be very useful for thickening the gravy. You can enhance the taste of your food by adding starch from potatoes without much work. 

How to make-

  • First, peel the potatoes and keep them. Heat water in a pan and put potatoes in it and boil it for some time. 
  • Take out the potatoes and keep the water on low flame till it reduces to half. 
  • Now prepare your gravy in the same way as you prepare it. 
  • Slowly add starchy water to it and cook it properly with spices. 
  • In this way, the potato starch aroma will also be removed from the gravy and the texture will also look good. 

1. Thicken the gravy with rice water


Rice water also acts as a thickener of the gravy. The starchy substance in the rice bran acts as a thickener of the gravy. Let's learn how to use it. 

How to make-

  • Do the same way you wash and soak rice in water. 
  • After this, filter the water and put it in a pan and heat it. 
  • Cook the water on low flame for 8-10 minutes. When the rice water becomes thick, add it to the gravy and cook it with spices. 
  • Along with this, slowly add the whipped curd to the gravy. Both these things will thicken your vegetable and the taste will be great too. 

2. Thicken Gravy with Mash Potatoes and Corn Starch


Both these things are known as gravy thickeners. This will give you very smooth results and the food will always be a little different and delicious. 

How to make-

  • First of all, mash 1 potato and add 1 tablespoon of corn starch to it. Add 2 spoons of cold water to it and beat them well. 
  • Now after this prepare the gravy in the pan. Add the prepared mixture to it and mix it with the rest of the spices. 
  • Add water as required and let it cook with spices on low flame. 
  • If you are worried about the taste, then you can also add fresh cream or curd to it. 

Now try these methods once for you too. We are sure that this will also thicken your gravy and give it a rich texture, which will taste different and taste good.

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