Tips To Reduce Dandruff: These home remedies will get rid of the problem of dandruff, the effect will be visible after trying it


Everyone loves their hair, whether it is men or women, even children are very sensitive about their hair. Everyone takes great care of their hair so that they do not face any kind of problem. But it is seen that due to sweating during summers, there are many problems related to the hair scalp, one of which is dandruff, which has become a very common problem nowadays. This weakens the hair roots and hair starts falling. You do not need to worry much for its treatment. There are many such things in your kitchen, with which you can treat dandruff. So let's know about these home remedies to get rid of the problem of dandruff.


Neem leaves
Neem is a natural antiseptic. It has also been used for thousands of years to deal with the problem of hair. In case of dandruff problem, boil neem leaves in water. Later grind the leaves to make a thick paste. Keep this paste on the head for 10 minutes. Afterwards wash the head with water. After boiling the neem leaves, save the remaining water. You can use this water to wash your head after shampoo.

Fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek seeds have a cooling effect on the scalp and can also reduce itching. Fenugreek seeds have many antifungal properties. Take half a bowl of fenugreek seeds and soak it in water overnight. Make a paste by grinding it in the morning and apply it on the hair. After a few hours wash the hair with lukewarm water and shampoo.

Apply old and sour curd or whey all over your scalp. Keep it for at least 10 minutes (it is better to apply for at least 30 minutes). Afterwards wash the head with water. Yogurt is actually a good source of lactose and protein. When applied to the hair, curd not only deeply nourishes the hair but also helps in protecting it from dandruff. The main reason for the problem of dandruff is dry skin under the hair. Yogurt nourishes the scalp so much that the problem of dry skin is almost eliminated.


Apply aloe vera
Aloe vera also has many health benefits. Aloe vera not only cools but also exfoliates the skin lightly and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which make it an easy remedy to treat dandruff. It is best to apply aloe vera plant on the scalp. Leave it on for about 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off with a medicated anti-dandruff or mild shampoo.