Tips To Grow Nails: Want nails to grow faster, try these effective remedies


Their nails help in enhancing the beauty of women's hands. Strong and attractive nails give a different look to your hands, on which many nail arts are also done. But with some women, it is seen that their nails are not able to grow very long or break quickly due to being weak. In such a situation, the perfect shape can never be found, which is expected. Due to which they have to use fake nails. That's why today in this episode we have brought some effective remedies for you, using which nails will start growing faster. With these remedies, you can make your nails big and beautiful. So let's know about these remedies...


Orange juice
If your nails are thin and soft and breaking, then understand that your body is deficient in Vitamin-C. For this, you can use vitamin-C oil and orange juice in your nail care routine. This will give strength as well as shine to your nails. In this, first of all, extract orange juice at home. Then dip the nails in this juice for 5 minutes. After doing this wash the nails with normal water and then wipe with a towel. If you do this regularly then you will soon see good results.

Milk and egg
Milk and eggs are helpful in making bones strong. Its consumption also increases the strength of nails. Beat an egg white with milk and dip your nails in it for 5 minutes. Doing this 2-3 times a week will make your nails look strong and their growth will also increase.

Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice
Even if your skin lacks moisture, the health of your nails may not be good. In such a situation, along with vitamin-C, your nails will also need moisture. For this you can use lemon juice and coconut oil. For this mix lemon juice in coconut oil. Now massage the nails and their cuticles with this mixture. It would be best that you apply this mixture on your nails before sleeping at night. Then apply this mixture and go to sleep. In the morning you will see that your nails look shiny.

Garlic is good for nails. Apart from enhancing the taste of kitchen spices, it is healthy in many ways. Magnesium is found in abundance in garlic. Due to this quality, it provides nourishment to the nails. Take a clove of garlic for this. Take off its peels. Cut the bud in the middle and rub it on your nails for 10 minutes. You will start seeing results within 10 days of doing this.