Tips For Long Lasting Perfume: Want the fragrance of perfume to last for a long time in summer, keep these things in mind


It is natural to have body odor due to sweat in summers, to avoid which many people use perfumes so that its fragrance suppresses the smell of sweat. But there is also a problem with this that the fragrance of perfume starts decreasing after a time and you cannot carry it everywhere. In such a situation, everyone wants the fragrance of their perfume to last for a long time. We have found a solution for your problem. Today in this episode, we have brought some such tips related to using perfume for you, with the help of which its fragrance will last for a long time. So let's know about these tips...


Use vaseline
Vaseline is the most important product in your beauty box. This is a great makeup remover. It also helps to keep the messy baby hairs in place and hydrates the skin too. It even proves to be helpful in retaining the fragrance of the perfume throughout the day. For this, first make a thin layer of Vaseline on your pulse points and then apply perfume on it. This will keep the fragrance of the perfume for a long time.

Use after shower
Use shower gel instead of soap while bathing. Cleanse the whole body with some aromatic gel and use perfume after wiping the body. This will make the fragrance last for a long time.

Spray on hair brush
Before combing your hair, spray perfume on your brush and comb through your hair thoroughly. You will keep the fragrance of perfume in your hair for a long time.

Do not store in bathroom
Many people have a habit of storing body spray or perfume in the bathroom. But due to the humidity and damp present here, the fragrance of the perfume becomes week and after applying its fragrance does not last long.


Moisturizer required
If you want to keep the fragrance of perfume and body mist on the body for a long time, then you should use moisturizer first and only then apply perfume or body mist. By doing this you will find that its fragrance will last longer.