Tips And Tricks: Instead of throwing away the old carpet, use it like this, these household chores will become easy...


Tips To Reuse Old Carpets: Most people use carpets in their homes. People prefer to lay carpets, especially in winter because of the coldness of the floor. When the carpet gets damaged, people throw away the old carpet and buy a new carpet. Carpet works to add charm to the decoration of the house. Do you know that old carpet can also be of great use to you? Yes, you can make many everyday tasks easier by reusing old carpets in some smart ways. So let's know about the ways to use the old carpet.


Make Coasters Out of Carpet
You can design the best coasters for the dining table by using old carpets. For this, put a base of jute or cork under the carpet. Now place these coasters on the dining table before placing the hot dishes. This will keep your dining table clean and safe.

Make a doormat
Instead of throwing the carpet, you can also cut it and make a doormat. For this, cut the carpet in the shape of a notch and put an anti-slip base under it, your notch is ready. Now you can place this doormat on the main gate, kitchen, and bathroom door.

Lay under pots
You can also prepare plants and vase mats from old carpets. For this, cut the carpet into a round shape and keep it under the pots. Due to this, the soil and water of the pot will fall on the carpet instead of the ground, so the floor of the house will not get dirty. On the other hand, if the carpet is dirty, you can easily wash it and clean it.

Will work for pets
You can use old carpets for the pets present in the house to sit on in winter. For this, cut the carpet according to the length of the pet and spread it on the sitting area of ​​the animal. The use of carpet will prove to be a soft and comfortable bed for pets.


Put it on the side of the bed
You can also make the perfect bedside runner for the bedroom with an old carpet. For this cut, the carpet now pastes the lining of the contrast color of the bedroom on the corners of the carpet. The interior of your bedroom will look more beautiful.