Things that should not be eaten on an empty stomach as it will be very harmful to health, click here to know!


What we do not do for our good health, but sometimes ignoring some things can prove to be dangerous for our health.

While eating we should always keep in mind what can benefit our body at what time. The amount of acid is found in many food and drink, which can be harmful to the body if eaten on an empty stomach.


Let us know what are the 10 things that should not be eaten on an empty stomach - can be fatal for health.

Things that should not be eaten on an empty stomach

1 - tea

Many people feel the need for tea as soon as they wake up. We want to tell such people that a high amount of acid is found in tea which causes stomach pain and gas.

2 - Coffee

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is most dangerous for health because caffeine is found in coffee, which should not be taken on an empty stomach.

3 – Wine

Alcohol should never be drunk on an empty stomach as it irritates the stomach. Not only this, but it also weakens the digestive power of the human being.

4 - Soda

Soda contains a high amount of carbonate. If you drink soda on an empty stomach, you may vomit and if vomiting occurs, you may be disturbed by restlessness and nervousness.

5 – Tomato

Tomatoes should never be consumed on an empty stomach, as the amount of acid in them is high. Because of this, it affects the body and also becomes the reason for having stones in the stomach.


6 - Spicy food

Spicy food should be avoided on an empty stomach. The acid present in spicy food spoils the digestion process of the stomach. Due to this, there may be complaints of abdominal cramps and pain.