These things of yours can make your partner angry


The password of social media

The password on social media is in almost everyone's account. However, no matter how close you are to your partner in the relationship, avoid asking them for their account password. This habit of yours can make your partner feel bad. So try to give personal space to the partner and don't ask for their phone or account password. By doing this, your partner may feel that you do not trust them. This can also have an effect on the relationship.

Question on income and expenses

Boys should never ask girls about their salary, or pocket money. Questioning the partner about money and expenses makes them feel that you do not want to spend on them or that you pay more attention to their money. Therefore, do not investigate the income or expenses of the partner at all.


To make the relationship long-lasting, never ask your partner questions about his exEspecially girls are very emotional about their ex. In such a situation, deliberately asking questions about X can hurt your partner and by doing so again and again, your relationship starts to weaken. Maybe their experiences with an ex are not good. He doesn't like to talk about his first love or ex. So don't be in a hurry to ask about X. Give them time so that they themselves can tell you about their past.

Details of friends

Of course in a relationship, you should know about the friends of your partner. But never object to your partner's friends. Try to give space to your partner in the matter of friends and do not ask too many questions about their friends.

You are growing because of me

Both of you together have achieved a lot in life, but never come in ego and say that your partner is moving forward because of you. At the same time, never bring the matter in your heart that without you your partner is nothing, otherwise, in anger, the matter of the heart will come into the tongue and the relationship spoiled by this thing will never be able to recover.

Questioning about marriage

The next stage in the love and relationship of boy-girl can be marriage. Many times you ask your partner about marriage again and again. Your partner may want to devote more time to this relationship. He wants to get to know you better, only after that does he wants to take any decision on marriage because marriage is a big responsibility and a decision of a lifetime. But with questions about your marriage, he starts feeling pressure and starts teasing you.


Don't say I hate you

You can also call it a film dialogue, which has made a home in common life too. In every fight, the couple keeps using I hate you to express their displeasure, which has to bear the consequences in the future. Never do this thing during a fight. These three words can hurt your partner deeply.