These remedies will make the black neck shiny in a moment, try it today!


We do many efforts to make our faces beautiful and glowing. Various face packs and home remedies are used, but in all these most people ignore their necks. The glow of the neck is equally important as the glow of the face, so we should also make efforts to make the neck shiny. You yourself can understand how bad a black neck will look on a beautiful face. When your face is shiny, it is important that your neck should also do your look and it, for this it is important that you take care of the cleanliness of the neck. The neck usually turns black due to pollution and dust and soil. You can take the help of some home remedies to make your black neck glow.

Let's know how to make black neck glow-


1- Mixture of lemon and honey-

Mix lemon and honey and apply it on the neck half an hour before the bath and clean it while taking the bath. This will remove not only the blackness of the neck but also the problem of fine lines.

2- Amazing raw papaya-

Raw papaya is very good for the skin. Grind it and mix rose water and a spoonful of curd in it and then apply this paste to your neck. Doing this once a week will remove the problem of the blackness of the neck.


3- Small lemon has the properties of big-

Lemon rich in Vitamin C acts as a natural bleach. Rub it on the neck shortly before taking a bath. Do this with light hands and after some time clean it off. Do this two or three times a week. You will feel the difference.