These few foods make the color of the teeth colorless


Black Coffee - It stains your teeth, making them look yellow.

*Tea - Just like coffee, regular consumption of tea can cause stains on the teeth. "Avoid black tea and choose green, white, and herbal teas that are healthier."

*Red wine - According to nutritionists, the acids present in wine form rough spots and discolor the teeth.

*Golla and Slush - In summer we are tempted to consume these icy foods, but they are not good for your teeth. 

"Ice-cold beverages make a perfect plot for the food colorings in Slush and Gola to cause tooth stains."

*Tobacco- In addition to being harmful to health, tobacco is also harmful to your teeth. "The coal tar in tobacco causes dark brown or black spots from smoking or chewing tobacco."

*Soy Sauce- Flavored substances like soy sauce can also stain teeth.