These are some reasons due to why children often chew nails


Reasons for biting nails

1. Copying

If someone at home chews nails, then even a child can learn to chew nails. Apart from this, if a friend of the child bites the nails, then he can learn this habit from him too. That is, the child can learn to chew nails by looking at each other.


2. Genetics

In the family of many children, if someone has a habit of biting nails, then it can also come in the child. Especially if the parents chew their nails, this habit can come from the genes in the child. 

3. Due to boredom,

many times the child becomes very bored. In such a situation, when he is unable to do anything, he can chew the nail. So try to keep the kids busy. You can ask the child to read. Or children can play, and do other things too.


4. Mental health disorder

Mental health disorders can also cause a child to chew nails. So if your child bites nails frequently, do not ignore it at all.

5. Anxiety 

Many times the child is in anxiety or worried, in such a situation, he can chew nails to feel relaxed. Anxiety can bother children.