These are some easy ways to identify adulterated milk


It is good to consume milk for good health. Many such nutrients are found inside milk which can protect health from many problems. But nowadays adulterated milk is reaching homes, due to which people do not get enough nutrients. Thus, adulterated milk should be identified. Today we will tell you how you can identify adulterated milk. 

How to identify fake milk

You can identify milk by its smell. If the milk smells like soap, it means that it is adulterated, whereas if its smell is coming slowly and slowly, then it means that the milk is real. 

Whether the milk is adulterated or not also depends on the flow of milk. In such a situation, you drop a few drops of milk on the ground and see that if the milk flows slowly and leaves a mark on the floor, then it means that it is pure. On the other hand, if milk flows like water and does not leave its mark, then it means milk is adulterated. 

To identify adulterated milk, you can also do with khoya sweets made from milk. In such a situation, boil the milk on low flame and when it turns into khoya, then keep it for two-three hours. 

If it becomes oily, it means the milk is of good quality and genuine. On the other hand, if the khoya becomes stone-like after 2-3 hours, then immediately understand that milk has been adulterated. Thus, avoid consuming it.