These are simple ways to protect feet from fungal infection in the rain


It is important to take special care of your feet when it rains. This is the time when the feet come in contact with the dirt the most. Due to rainwater, there is often a problem of fungal infection in the feet, due to which everyday activities are affected. Let us tell you that some methods can be very less for you to overcome the problem of fungal infection. 

Today's article is on this topic. Today we will tell you through our medium how you can prevent your feet from being vulnerable to fungal infection during the rainy season. 

Salt has antibacterial properties, which can not only protect your feet from fungal infections but can also be of great use in removing this season's infection. In such a situation, take water in a tub, add two teaspoons of salt and keep your feet soaked in it for some time. By doing this not only the heels will be clean but the problem of fungal infection can also be avoided. 

Dirt can accumulate in the nails of the feet, due to which there can be a problem of fungal infection. So keep your nails short. Short nails can not only prevent the problem of fungal fractions, but they can also make the feet beautiful and attractive. 

Choose sleepers properly during the rainy season. Wear slippers that prevent both your feet and nails from coming in contact with rainwater. The choice of these footwear keeps the feet feeling air.