These ancient beauty secrets are still very useful today. Click here to know!


Even today our old customs are followed with the same reverence and faith as they were followed in the olden days. Something similar is also with the beauty secrets that have been used since ancient times, and these tips are as effective today as they used to be in the olden days.


Today we are going to tell you some such ancient beauty secrets which are being used since ancient times and which are as effective in today's time as they used to be in our time.

Here are the beauty secrets of ancient times –

The rose water which is used to enhance beauty today is also being used since ancient times. Rose water is still used for skin cleansing.

The queens of Egypt and Greece used to use saffron oil to enhance their beauty. Even today saffron is used for beauty. Applying saffron mixed with coconut oil can bring a glow to the skin.

In ancient times, the women of China used to use mint to enhance their beauty. For this, mint leaves were crushed and rubbed on the skin with light hands. Even today it is used in the same way and it is equally effective even today.

People of ancient Egypt and North Africa, Middle-East Greece used sugaring hair removal treatment for body hair removal. In this, sugaring was used instead of waxing. The best part about this procedure is that it is not painful like today's waxing. For this, sugar, lemon, lukewarm water, and a wooden stick are used.

In ancient times, Chinese girls used moong beans (moong beans or pods) for acne or pimples. Moong contains protein and vitamins, they used to grind it and make a face mask and use it.

The women of the Egyptian royal family used to use honey daily for their beauty. Moisturizing properties are found in honey. Honey is still used today as a face mask.


In olden times, women used to use sea salt to remove the dead skin on their faces. Due to this the skin starts glowing, even in today's era, women use it like this.

-Coconut oil has always been used by the women of Asia continent. It is still used today as hair oil.

In olden times, Chinese women used to use a jade roller to tighten the skin and remove wrinkles. It is still used today as it was used in ancient times.

If you also want to enhance your beauty, then these ancient beauty secrets will be of great use to you. They have been used for centuries and have no side effects.