These 7 flowers are very dear to Bholenath, include them in worship!


At the beginning of the month of Shravan, the hearts of the devotees are filled with faith. Worshiping Shiva in the midst of rain showers has a different thrill. By the way, Lord Shiva is worshiped in temples throughout the year.


But on every Shravan Monday, everyone's devotion is at its peak. Devotees try their best to please their beloved on this auspicious occasion. To please Shiva, water is offered to the Shivling, he is also bathed with milk and the atmosphere is made fragrant with incense sticks and incense. Shiva is definitely happy with all these efforts. But even if devotees offer flowers and leaves in different ways, Bholenath fulfills their wishes. All these Bholenath's favorite flowers have their own importance.

Today we will tell you, what are the benefits of offering flowers to Lord Bholenath's favorite flower and which flower.

1 - Datura

Datura has religious as well as medicinal importance. From its seed to root, stem, fruit, flower, and juice, it is helpful in curing many diseases. Datura is prominent among the flowers offered to Shankar. Those who are childless should offer Dhatura to Bholenath to get children.

2 - Doob

Doob or Durva is just a kind of grass. But according to Hindu belief, it has religious significance. Durva is usually offered to Ganpati Baba during Ganeshotsav. But like Ganesha, his father Shiva is also dear to Durva and by offering one lakh Durva to him, his life is long.

3 – Bilva Patra

The importance of Bilva Patra or Bel Patra is only because of Lord Bholenath. Bel Patra tree is also known as Shivdrum. All the devotees offer Bel leaves to Bholenath on special occasions, because by doing so all the wishes are fulfilled.

4 - Hibiscus


Hibiscus or Japakusum are very beautiful flowers of red color. They are dear to Lord Ganesha as well as Lord Shankar. Enemies are destroyed by offering hibiscus flowers.

5 - Fiddle

The flower of Bela is a very fragrant flower of white color. Even with this small flower, you can please Shiva. If there is a problem in your marriage, then offering Bela flowers to Shiva will give a good groom.

6 - Parijat

The flower of Parijat, Harsingar or Shiuli is also white in color and has an orange stem. Offering these flowers blooming at night to Shiva increases happiness and opulence.