These 5 fields can give flight to your future, get the best job with a good salary


career desk. After passing the 12th class (Career Options After Class 12th), the biggest difficulty in front the student is the choice of career. However, most of the students make plans in advance about their future, and what they have to do next. But there are many students who are not able to take the right decision in their careers. If you are considering any such course after 12th class, through which you can get a job. There are many options for this. After the 12th class, candidates have to select a course for their future. We are telling you such fields where you will get the best salary. Let us know which are these fields.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence is increasing in India. The demand in this field is increasing since Corona. Every year something new happens in the IT sector, so the demand for this field is increasing. To do an Artificial Intelligence course, it is very important for the candidates to have computer and maths subjects. You can also make your career in this field.

Public relations

The relation is the most important thing for success in any field. Every company doing digital marketing has its own team. Which is called public relations. Along with companies, big celebrities also keep their team to maintain their image. So there are great job opportunities on this team. If you want to do a job in this field, then it is necessary that you should have a good hold of Hindi and English. Along with this, you should also be aware of social media.


Risk Manager

The risk manager is the best option for a career. In this, training is given to handle any situation. Along with this, management and communication skills are also taught. The biggest job of a risk manager is to get the company out of any kind of risk. For this courses are run in many universities.



There are many career options in photography as well. Candidates who want to make a career in this field can make their career. If you have taken a photography course, then let us tell you that now celebrities are their own photographers. You can also work in it as a freelancer. There are many colleges and universities which offer certificate courses in photography. There are many courses in photography, out of which you can do any course.


Sports management

It is now the responsibility of the event manager to deliver any event successfully. Now many types of events are happening in sports too. Like IPL. Similarly, different sports are also organized. It is the responsibility of the sports manager to make these tournaments successful. This field can give career growth. There are many options for the future in sports management. If your English is good then this field can be good for your future. You can do courses related to this from any university.