There is a plan to visit Ranchi, do not return without trying these desi foods here


Desi foods of Ranchi: You can enjoy many desi foods along with roaming in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. If you are planning a trip here, then do not forget to test these things here.

The food of Jharkhand, which was separated from Bihar in the year 2000, to form a new state, is very famous. Many such indigenous foods can be eaten during the trip here, whose taste is very wonderful. Know about them….

Chilka: This dish made from rice looks like a kind of dosa. Not only in Ranchi, but in many parts of Jharkhand, it is eaten with great passion during festivals.


Dhuska: This is a type of deep-fried snack, which is still eaten by people in Ranchi and Jharkhand for breakfast. People eat this dish made from rice and gram batter with potato curry. Must taste it in Ranchi.

Handia: Known as a refreshing drink in Ranchi, it is prepared by fermentation of rice. In this, 20 to 25 types of herbs are used and in summer it is drunk a lot.


Malpua: It is also called the desi pancake of Jharkhand. There will hardly be a house in Jharkhand or Ranchi where Malpua is not eaten. It is considered a part of the state tradition. The answer is no in terms of taste.