The problem of insomnia is taking a terrible form, do not consume these things even before sleeping by mistake


As much as food is necessary for our body, more sleep is needed for the brain. The more healthy the sleep, the better will be the mental development, but nowadays most people are troubled due to lack of sleep. Unexplained sleeplessness is also a disease of insomnia. Insomnia, one of the common health problems around the world, can occur in men and women of all ages. The definition of insomnia is very simple. Insomnia is the problem of not falling asleep or staying asleep for a long time. People suffer from different types of insomnia. Short-term or acute insomnia is a common type of insomnia that lasts for a few days or is triggered by certain medications or minor lifestyle changes.

If the problem of insomnia lasts for a long time and is seriously affecting your quality of life, then it is a very serious and chronic problem that needs the right, professional doctor. If a person is unable to sleep properly for more than 30 days, it means that he is suffering from chronic insomnia. Patients suffering from chronic insomnia are called "insomniax." There are many cases of insomnia. It can be in many ways. Such as falling asleep long after going to bed, daytime sleep disturbances, more frequent nighttime sleepiness, frequent sleep breaks, dry mouth, getting up frequently to drink water or urine, snoring, nights Soreness of legs, walking in sleep etc.


Everyone's body's need for sleep is different. Young children going to school need 8 to 10 hours of sleep, adolescents 8-9 hours of sleep, while 7-8 hours of sleep is sufficient for young and old people. A healthy person gets good sleep in 10 to 15 minutes, for this he does not have to make any effort. Often people think of sleep as exhaustion or mental stress and take a sleeping pill on their own to get good sleep. take. In this way, taking sleeping pills without knowing the reason can make the disease worse. Today we are going to tell you about some such things which seem quite minor in hearing but these things are making us a victim of insomnia problem. So let's know what are those things.

Many people have the habit of drinking alcohol

At night, they feel that it makes them sleep well, but it is wrong. Drinking alcohol has a negative effect on their natural process of falling asleep.

Never drink coffee before going to bed at night. 

This may disturb your sleep. Before drinking it, sleep will not come on time and even if it does, it will be disturbed again and again. Actually, caffeine will work to make you sleepy.

Ice cream 

Do not eat ice cream before bedtime. The amount of fat and sugar in ice cream is high, which hits the body immediately and energy starts flowing, due to which the disappearance of sleep is natural.