That's why tourists come to this small village of Himachal


Gayu village of Himachal Pradesh is very famous for a special reason. Tourists from all over the country and abroad also come to this village. The reason for this is a 550-year-old mummy located here.

Situated at an altitude of 10,499 feet above sea level in the cold desert of Spiti Valley, this village has great reverence for the 550-year-old mummy. For this reason, the local people worship this mummy as a god. It is considered by the people to be the living God. A mystery about this mummy remains to date.


A special coating is applied on the dead body to make a mummy, but this mummy of Himachal Pradesh is safe for so long without any coating. A special thing about this mummy is that the hair and nails of this mummy are still growing today. Which the local people tell absolutely true. It is said that this mummy is of Lama Sangla Tenzing. He had given up his life while engrossed in meditation. This mummy was in a sitting position.