Thaalipeeth Recipe: There is less time in breakfast, so make Thalipeeth quickly, know here the recipe...


If you want some healthy breakfast amid the morning rush, then you can prepare it by making a thalipeeth. This breakfast will not only be nutritious but will also eliminate morning hunger. Let's know what is the recipe of Thalipeeth.


Ingredients for making Thalipeeth
Three spoons of wheat flour, three spoons of gram flour, along with you can also take millet and jowar flour if you want. Cabbage finely chopped, two onions finely chopped, green chilies finely chopped, coriander-cumin powder, chopped green coriander, salt as per taste, oil as required.

How to make Thalipeeth
In a vessel, mix wheat flour with gram flour, jowar, and millet flour and keep it. Then add finely chopped cabbage, green chili, and onion finely to it. Also, add coriander cumin powder and chopped green coriander. Add salt and mix well. Just mix all the ingredients and knead the dough by adding water. Do not keep the dough too soft or hard. By kneading the dough like roti, they will be easily rolled.


Roll out dough balls on a flat surface. Heat the pan and spread oil on it. Then put the rolled rotis on it. Put oil on top and bake it till it becomes golden brown by pressing from both sides. Similarly, prepare the rest of the thalipeeth. Just serve hot with raita or chutney.