Teeth Care Tips: Know here the home remedies to get rid of tooth cavity...


Cavities: Cavities occurring in the teeth are called worms in the common language. Due to bacteria, the teeth start becoming hollow and the damaged part appears black. This condition of the teeth usually occurs due to not taking care of the teeth properly. Not cleaning the teeth properly and long-standing in the teeth causes pyorrhea cavity. If this decay is not stopped in time, then it can completely damage the teeth, as well as lead to tooth loss. Here is a herbal powder that can be easily prepared at home to prevent tooth decay.


Herbal Powder for Tooth Decay 
-You can clean your teeth with this powder. It's not one but many benefits are available to the teeth. It cleans the teeth, removes bad breath from the mouth, gets rid of tooth decay, and helps in getting rid of accumulated pyorrhea. To make this herbal teeth powder, you have to take clove powder, cinnamon powder, dry neem leaves powder and licorice powder in equal quantities.

-To clean the teeth with this powder, clean the teeth by putting this powder in the brush in the same way as you clean the teeth daily. It can also be used by people with sensitive teeth.


These recipes will also work
-Apart from herbal powder, many other remedies can be adopted to remove tooth decay. You can do oil pulling with coconut oil. To do oil pulling, coconut oil is put in the mouth and rotated from here to there, and then rinsed. This can be done daily.

-Applying clove oil on the teeth can also be beneficial. You can use this oil by putting it in your toothpaste.

-Cinnamon oil is also used by putting it in toothpaste. This recipe is good to remove tooth decay and bad breath.

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