Teeth Care Tips: Follow these 7 healthy habits for healthy and strong teeth, know here...


Healthy shining teeth not only add to your beauty but also show that you are completely healthy. Despite having a deep connection with beauty and health, people often ignore oral hygiene and keep visiting the dentist when the problem becomes serious. This should not happen to you, so we are telling you some easy ways by which your teeth will become healthy.


Keep an eye on the food
Sometimes time pass and sometimes in the name of digesting food, if you are also used to eating chocolate, eating more oily spice food, drinking wine and black tea, are addicted to tobacco-paan or cigarette, then all these things will break your teeth. can cause damage. Therefore, brush after eating and drinking anything. Avoid cigarettes, tobacco, packaged soft drinks, etc. as this can not only cause cavity problems but also the color of the teeth becomes yellow.

Brush twice
Make sure to brush twice a day. After waking up in the morning and before going to sleep at night. This will get rid of the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Make sure to brush for at least 2 minutes.

Don't brush lightly
Brushing too vigorously can damage your teeth. Keep the brush in the mouth at a 45-degree angle and move it in a circular motion. Change the brush every three months or else its bristles will become hard, which can injure your gums.

Drink black tea
The elements present in black tea also protect against gum disease (gum disease) by eliminating the bacteria that cause tooth decay but keep in mind that drinking tea without sugar. If you want, you can use any healthy sweetener. Apart from this, drinking a glass of water every hour helps in keeping the skin as well as the teeth shiny.

Have mercy on the teeth
Some people use the teeth like a knife, that is, to cut any hard thing that damages the teeth. Along with the pain, there is also the fear of breaking the teeth. Teeth are for chewing food and not for biting bottle caps, betel nuts, walnuts, or any hard packets. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, then avoid eating hard things like candy and ice.


Alcohol free mouthwash
Be sure to use mouthwash to remove bad breath, but first make sure that the mouthwash is alcohol-free. The use of mouthwash containing alcohol can dry out the tissues inside the mouth, which increases the chances of bacterial growth. It has also been revealed in much research that the risk of oral cancer increases with alcoholic mouthwash.

Don't Ignore the Checkup
If you have cavity problems, toothache, bleeding gums, or sensitivity in the teeth, then go to the dentist immediately. Get regular dental checkups done every 6 months.