Tea Bags: Never throw tea bags after drinking tea, they can help in enhancing your beauty


Tea Bags Use: Nowadays people use tea bags to drink tea. People generally throw away garden tea bags for use. But do you know that you can use used green tea bags to enhance your beauty? Let's tell you how...


Uses for Tea Bags: Our day starts with a cup of hot tea or coffee. If morning tea is fun, then the day goes well too. Usually, we drink green tea early in the morning. Whether it is a hotel or home, now tea bags are being used everywhere.

There can be many benefits from used tea bags

We use tea bags daily whether it is in the form of green tea or black tea. Tea bags get wasted once the tea is made. Usually, we throw green tea bags after using them. Do you know that you can use used green tea bags to enhance your beauty? Today we will tell you how you can reuse tea bags and use them in your everyday life.

1. Mix in Pasta and Oats for a Different Flavor  

Everyone's mouth gets watered after seeing a bowl of cheese pasta, whether children or adults. Before making pasta or oats, keep it in a jasmine or green tea bag. Pasta and Tasty will be made from tea bags. Do this experiment only if you are fond of eating new things.

2. Remove Fridge Smell 

We are very worried about the smell of the fridge. Sometimes weeks go by and we are not able to clean the fridge. In such a situation, it is inevitable to smell bad from the fridge. But this problem can be easily solved with tea bags. Keep used tea bags in the fridge. Apart from this, if dry tea bags are kept in the ashtray or dustbin, then their smell also goes away.

3. Natural Mouthwash 

Soak tea bags of green tea or peppermint tea in lukewarm water. Now cool it at room temperature, and your homemade natural alcohol-free mouthwash is ready.

4. Glass Cleaning  

You can also clean your window panes and other furniture with tea bags. Rub the used tea bags on the windows and windows of the dressing table, the windows and mirrors will be like new.

5. Home-Made Air Freshener 

Take a dry tea bag and add a few drops of your favorite oil. Your homemade air freshener is ready. Put it anywhere in your car, kitchen, or bathroom.

6. Discharge of Mice  

Rat means another name for disaster. This problem is very common. But getting rid of these little devils is equally difficult. But with a small tea bag, you can get rid of rats. Keep dry, unused tea bags anywhere in the cupboard, closet, or rack, and the movement of rats will be stopped. If you put a few drops of peppermint oil in tea bags, then you can also get rid of spiders and ants.

7. Cleaning Wood Furniture and Floors  


Boil tea bags in water and let them cool for some time. Now soak a soft cloth in it and clean the wooden furniture or floor with it. Wipe with a dry cloth, the furniture will be like new.

8. Remove grease from utensils  

Removing grease from utensils is no less than winning a war. It takes a lot of effort to remove stubborn stains, but with tea bags, you can do this work easily. Put lukewarm water and 2-3 used tea bags in the sink. This will reduce the greasiness of the utensils and will make it easier for you to wash the dishes.

9. Put in plant manure 

Instead of throwing away the tea bags, mix them with the compost of the plants. This makes the manure fertile.

You can also enhance your beauty with the use of these tea bags, like -

1 - get rid of pimples

If you have a problem with acne on the face, then after using the green tea bag, cool it by keeping it in the fridge. Then put it on the acne. Doing this will help in removing the problem of acne.

2 - Detox Face Mask

You can also make an exfoliating face mask using used tea bags. For this, put the tea inside the used green tea in a bowl, then add honey and baking soda to it. Apply this paste to the face and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. This will detox your skin and remove the problem of wrinkles.

3 - Shiny hair

Green tea is very beneficial not only for the skin but also for the hair. For this, you boil the used green tea bags in water for 15 minutes, then leave this water overnight. Take out the tea bag in the morning and wash your hair with this water. After ten minutes wash the hair with plain water. This will make your hair soft and shiny.


4-Dark circles

You can use used tea bags to enhance the beauty of your eyes. For this, keep the remaining tea bag in the refrigerator for 2-3 minutes. Then keep it on the eyes for 10 minutes. This will get rid of dark circles and will also reduce swelling of the eyes.