TRAVEL TIPS: The fort in Alwar is very special, must visit it once


There is a lot to visit in Rajasthan, you can know the fort and history here along with the culture here in Rajasthan, its identity and history are hidden in every city of Rajasthan, such is the period of Alwar which covers history. It is very special, it is the identity of the heritage of Rajasthan, the Bala Fort in Alwar tells its history.

This fort present in Alwar is very beautiful, one of the specialties of this fort is that it is situated on the hill of Alwar city, from where you can see the entire city of Alwar, it is the oldest fort, from here you can see a very special view of Alwar. Tell us about the specialty of the fort.

Although this fort is called Bala Fort, this fort is also known as the fort of Alwar, although this fort was built in 1492, this fort also has another bachelor period because there is never a war in this fort. This has been its history, so it is also called the bachelor fort.


This fort has a history with it, it is said that the fort was built by Hans Khan Mewati, and the fort has been ruled by the Mughals as well as the Jats, this fort is special in its architecture, you will find a very special place here. 

There are 6 entrance gates, these gates have been named after the rulers here. The special thing about this fort is that it was designed to shoot at enemies, so there are about 500 holes for firing guns in this fort. is present from where the enemies are kept a close watch