TRAVEL TIPS: A hill station which is called medicine water, Click here to know why this name and place is so special


If you are planning to visit any hill station, then we will tell you about an interesting hill station, it is very special because as soon as the name of the hill station comes up, the name of Ooty, Manali will come to your mind, but have you ever taken medicine? You must have been very surprised to hear that this hill station is a village that is present in Darjeeling, its name is very strange and its name is medicine water, this place is surrounded by dense forests and you will enjoy roaming here. You can see very beautiful views here.

It is strange to win the name of the village, this village is equally beautiful, where you will see greenery everywhere, let us tell you that the name of this village is medicine water, medicine means medicine water because here medicinal plants are very famous and hence the river opened here from this village. Gujarati is where about 150 houses have been built and hence this place is called medicine water, you can celebrate vacation here in a quiet environment.

The special thing is that doing trekkers here is not less than a paradise, you can do photography here and see Himalayan birds, although if you are going to spend time here, you will not find hotels here, you will find homestays with local people's homes here. 


You have to do this because there is no hotel facility in this village, here you get rooms on rent in houses and you can stay in two-bed rooms here, you can roam here at a very low cost.