'T-shirt' enhances pride on every occasion, but do you know its full form? Click here to know!


In college, office, or in everyday life, there is tension as to what to wear to get a perfect and comfortable look. In such a situation, all our eyes stop on the T-shirt too. T-shirts give a perfect look with jeans, skirts, or trousers.

Do you know about the history of T-shirts that give you the perfect look on every occasion? Have you ever wondered why it is called a T-shirt? What is the meaning of T in T-shirt and where did it start, so today we will give you answers to all these questions.


According to media reports, T-shirts started in about 1904. Kapoor Underwear Company started the T-shirt as Under Shirt. It is said that at that time it was worn inside the shirt. Although even today boys follow this style a lot.

In the 70s, when T-shirts came into the culture, they came to be called T-shirts. At that time the length of T-shirts was very long. However, let us tell you that T in T-shirt means tank top and T-shape top in addition to tall. Actually, its shape is like T-shape, due to which it was named the T-shirt.


Not only this but it was also made part of the uniform of US Navy soldiers. For the first time, the Coca-Cola Company also used T-shirts for brand promotion in the 80s. There are many different fabrics and styles of T-shirts available in the market today. Not only this, International T-Shirt Day is celebrated on 21st June.