T-Shirt Full Form: - Do you know the full form of a 'T-shirt'? Learn Fun Facts


When we talk about the easiest and most trendy fashion, we think of wearing t-shirts and jeans or pants. But have you ever wondered why T-shirts are called T-shirts? What is the meaning of a tee in a t-shirt? 

If you do not know this thing, then today we are going to tell you the full form of a T-shirt and some very interesting things related to it in this slideshow, so you must watch and read it till the end. 

1. When was T-shirt born?

The T-shirt first came into existence in the year 1904 when the Kapoor Underwear Company introduced it as an undershirt. Then it was worn inside the shirt. If seen, many people do this even today and wear a plain simple T-shirt under the shirt. 

2. How did the T-shirt get its name?

When the T-shirt entered pop culture in the 70s, it was called a T-shirt. T-shirt means to shirt, whose length was till the knee and there was no need to wear any bottom under it. 

3. What is the meaning of a T-shirt?

T in T-shirt means tank top and T-shape top in addition to tall. Because it looks like a T-shape in shape, it is called a T-shirt. 

4. T-shirt brand promotion

The T-shirt was also made part of the uniform of the US Navy personnel after the under-shirt. At the same time, in the 80s, the Coca-Cola Company first used T-shirts for brand promotion and since then people started wearing T-shirts alone instead of under shirts. 

5. T-shirt fabric

Although T-shirts are now being made in many fabrics, even today, after cotton, polyester is the second fabric, whose T-shirt is most seen in the market. 

6. T-shirt day

International T-shirt Day is celebrated on 21 June. 

7. T-shirt fashion

T-shirts can be worn not only with jeans or pants but also with skirts, palazzos, vest coats etc. 

8. Highest T-shirt production

 Research done by IndexBox shows that most of the T-shirts is produced in India, China and Bangladesh. 

9. Which country's people wear T-shirts the most?

If the research conducted by IndexBox in the year 2019 is to be believed, the people of China, then USA and then India wear T-shirts the most.