Sweet Dish Corner: Make this sweet for fasting without ghee, the taste will be delicious, know the method here...


If you want to make some fruity recipes without ghee. So you can make Makhana ki Barfi. Desi Ghee will not be needed to make this and it will be ready in a jiffy. Which you can eat during fasting. So let's learn how to make Makhana ki Barfi.


Ingredients for Makhana Barfi
One hundred grams of makhana, eight to ten cardamoms. One cup of coconut powder, one cup of peanuts, hundred grams of milk powder, 300 grams of milk, and half a cup of sugar.

How to make Makhana ki Barfi
To make Makhana ki Barfi, first, take a pan and fry the Makhana in it. No ghee is needed to fry the makhana. Fry the makhana and take it out on a plate. Then fry the peanuts in this pan as well. Let the peanuts cool down and then remove the skin. Make a powder by grinding makhana and peanuts in a mixer jar.


Boil milk in a pan and add sugar to it. When the sugar melts, add a mixture of makhana and peanuts and stir it. So that there is no knot. If you want, you can also add milk powder to this mixture. run it well. So that it does not get stuck at the bottom. When it becomes very thick, then turn off the gas. Spread the mixture on a plate, cool it, and cut it into the shape of barfi.