Surprising benefits of rubbing nails, if you do 10 minutes daily then you will see changes!


Yoga gurus around the world say about nail rubbing, which is also called (Balayam), which literally means 'hair exercise' Many people must have seen you doing this exercise. It is good for hair health. Today we are going to tell you about its benefits.


1. By doing 4 tasks simultaneously, the problem of baldness, hair fall, thin hair, and white hair is removed.

2. By doing blood circulation, the blood circulation gets better day by day. Due to this, the face glows and the body gets strength.

3. Hair Regrowth If your hair has fallen to a great extent, it can be grown again through balayam.

4. Beneficial for the skin By repeatedly rubbing the nails, the problems related to the skin are also removed.


What is the method of doing Balayam?

You have to keep your hands near the chest and after that bring the fingers inwards and rub the nails with each other. You don't have to rub your thumbs. If you practice this for 5 to 10 minutes every day, then it can prove to be very beneficial.

Pregnant women and high blood pressure patients should avoid doing this.