Summer Makeup Tips: Women going to office should do makeup like this, even strong sunlight will not have any effect


By the way, all the products these days are waterproof. Because of which it does not flow due to sweat. But when strong sunlight falls on the face, then all the glow goes away and in spite of makeup, the face becomes pale. If you are a woman going to office everyday and facing the same problem every day. So with the help of these makeup tips, even strong sunlight will not affect you.


Women have to face many problems during the summer season. If she applies too much make-up then it is over. At the same time, due to sweating, sometimes it starts looking patchy. And when a neutral look is needed, it disappears completely from the face due to sunlight and sweat. In such a situation, in the summer season, many women stop doing makeup to go to the office. Because they have to bear the embarrassment due to spoiled makeup. But with the help of these tips, makeup will not spoil even in the summer season.

Use it instead of foundation
-It is important to have the right product to do makeup in the summer season. Because as the heat rises, it becomes difficult to carry makeup. Therefore, do not use foundation or powder to do makeup in the summer season. Keep makeup simple and light. For which use of BB cream would be right. Or use a tinted moisturizer or tinted sunblock.

-It is necessary to use primer before makeup. It sets the makeup. But if you apply primer in the summer season, then there is a fear of spreading the makeup. Therefore, in the summer season, apply the primer only on the area of ​​​​the T zone. Or apply it only on the oily part of the face.


-If you use concealer to remove blemishes from your face. So apply as per the need. Otherwise it is wise to skip it. Along with this, use face mist after makeup on the face. It works in a way to hydrate the skin of the face.