Summer Fashion Tips: If you want to look stylish in summer, then wear culottes, you will get comfort with trendy look


Every season has its own style. India is a country that gives an opportunity to enjoy every season. Here every season has its own color and each color has its own fashion. For example, in summer, light eye-soothing colors and body-comforting dresses. Part of this episode is 'Kulots'. An outfit that allows you to enjoy the summer by being carefree. Its modern and comfy look also gives you the freedom to stay cool and work in a comfortable condition throughout the day. The best part is that you can pair culottes with any type of top or t-shirt. Almost like a skirt, this garment can add to your personality with its unique style.


Parallel feeling
Parallel lowers were in fashion almost 2 decades ago. You can think of Kulots as an upgraded version of the same. Even though the fashion remains the same, its style keeps on changing. Culottes are parallel and skirt-like dresses. It is also called split skirt. These are knee length or slightly longer. Sometimes being longer can also give a look like a palazzo.


Easy to Carry:
Nowadays there are many designs of culottes available in the market. Which are being liked from daily wear to office wear. If you are working in a place where there is no uniform or dress code, then culottes can be the best option for you in summers and rains. You can easily pair them with any single color or printed t-shirt, fancy top, short kurta, tie and dye shirt, shirt etc.


Fit for Bus to Two Wheeler:
Whether you commute for office or college, commuting by two wheeler or on foot, the Kulots offer great comfort in every situation. With them, even the hectic work becomes easy and comfortable.