Summer Fashion: Day outing or wedding, choose these outfits to look stylish and comfortable in summer


Summer Fashion In the hot summer season with hot afternoons and pleasant evenings, try outfits that look stylish while relaxing your body and mind. Whether it is worn on a normal outing or at a wedding function.

 Summer Fashion: There is no doubt that winter is everyone's favorite season, but summer is no less. If the friendship of food lasts through winter, then the dress wins the summer. Chilling winds and chilly weather have their wear limits, but summers offer plenty of opportunities to wear your favorite. Wear whatever you want, don't worry about color, don't worry about cut. So many types of clothes can be worn in summer that the wardrobe becomes small to keep outfits of every style.

First color thing

Although summer colors are light, pastel shades, this is not a written rule. If you have to go out somewhere in the hot sun, then it seems that light colors will be fine to avoid the heat, but if you wear dark colors then you will not have any problem. For example, if you are going to spend time in the garden, or if there is a family picnic, then you can also wear dark-colored outfits. Colors like dark pink, red, and navy blue will also be suitable to enjoy nature while munching on a colorful mat sitting among the falling leaves in the shade of trees.

What to wear

After what to cook, this is certainly the second question, which bothers women the most! What to wear is such a big question that it is not in the hands of the good to find the answer. The specialty of summer is that there are immense possibilities of mix and match in your wardrobe. In this season it is decided that if any programs are during the day, then they will be in the hall. If it is in the evening, then it will be on the lawn. Now just have to see what kind of program Jana is in. Many times the marriage takes place in the family itself in the summer. When marriage is in the family, one has to be ready and deal with the sweat that is to come. In such a situation, a heavy cotton sari i.e. which has zari work on it will be perfect for you. The sari being cotton will keep the sweat dry and you will also avoid looking plain.

If you want to wear a lehenga, then try bandhej or leheriya on cotton fabric. They look beautiful and give relief in summers.

After the wedding, there is an evening reception, so it is bound to look different. Dhakai Jamdani or Linen is the perfect choice for this occasion.

The special thing about summer is that westerns are fun on every occasion. Maxi dress, short dress is also a good option. There is so much variety in colors and designs that it is difficult to choose.