Summer Desi Drinks: Keep your body cool and healthy by just drinking these 2 desi drinks

Cold 'Mango Chia Coconut Pudding' is best for both taste and health in summer

Summer Desi Drinks will keep the body hydrated in summer, the more healthy it will be. So apart from drinking enough water for this, you can also try some desi drinks which you can make at home and they are very healthy.

Summer Desi Drinks: As soon as summer starts, people start consuming cold things to keep the body cool, which of course gives relief for some time, but there is also a possibility of cold and cold by consuming too many cold things. . And if you consume cold drinks, ice cream to get relief from the heat, then these can become the reasons for increasing obesity along with cold and cold. So today we will know about some such drink options that you can prepare at home and they are not harmful to health in any way.

1. Bael syrup

The fruit available in the summer season is Bael. By drinking many diseases can be kept away. Bael has anti-fungal and anti-parasite properties. This fruit is rich in many nutrients like iron, calcium, good fat, fiber, betacarotene, thiamine, riboflavin, and protein.

Its advantages

The digestive system remains healthy by drinking its syrup. There is no problem with constipation, gas, or indigestion.

Bell's syrup also acts as blood purification.

It helps to keep cholesterol levels right.

Protects against heatstroke.

The best thing is that it keeps the sugar level under control.

2. Lemon Screwdriver

Lemon, rich in vitamin C, provides coolness to the body as well as protects it from heat. Its vitamin C element increases immunity, which keeps infectious diseases away. Lemon is beneficial for the skin. It is a good source of antioxidants. Consumption of lemon also provides relief from problems like nausea and acidity. It also protects the body from free radicals.

Its advantages

Lemon shikanji protects the stomach from heating from the inside. Its regular consumption reduces the chances of getting heatstroke.

This drink also keeps the digestive system right.

Drinking it does not cause dehydration problems.

It helps to overcome the problem of blood pressure.

Lemon shikanji does not cause bad breath.

It is also very effective in keeping the gums healthy.