Sugar Side Effects: Sugar is a poison which is the cause of many diseases, know how...


Sugar is called white poison. Whereas jaggery is nectar for health. Because after eating jaggery, it produces alkali in the body which makes our digestion good. Whereas sugar produces acid which is harmful for the body. If the body takes 100 calories of energy to digest jaggery, then 500 calories are spent to digest sugar. Jaggery contains phosphorus as well as calcium. Which is considered very good for the body and helps in making bones. Whereas in the process of making sugar, the temperature is so high that phosphorus gets burnt, so use jaggery for good health.


1. Sulfur is most commonly used in the process of making sugar. Sulfur Mane Firecracker Spice

2. Sulfur is a very hard metal which goes into the body but does not come out.

3. Sugar increases cholesterol due to which heart attack or heart attack comes.

4. Sugar controls the weight of the body, due to which obesity occurs.

5.Sugar increases blood pressure or blood pressure.

6. Sugar is a major cause of brain attack.

7. The sweetness of sugar is called sucrose in modern medicine, which both humans and animals cannot digest.

8. Twenty-three harmful chemicals are used in the process of making sugar.


9. Sugar is a major cause of diabetes.

10. Sugar is a major cause of stomach irritation.

11.Sugar increases the triglyceride in the body.

12. Sugar is a major cause of paralysis attack or paralysis.

13. The first mill for making sugar was set up by the British in 1868. Before that Indians used to eat pure native jaggery and never fell ill.