Sugar Beauty Tips: Want 'Glow' Like Parlor? This face pack of sugar will help you!


How long the beauty bought by watching commercials on TV and spending hours in the parlor lasts is a deep question. Today there are few girls who spend time and money in the parlor listening to someone's advice, but not everyone can afford it. So let's know today how to get back the glow of the face at home.

Due to dust and pollution, a black layer accumulates on the face, due to which the face starts looking lifeless. For that, let's see how you can whiten your face with sugar scrub at home. Mix one spoonful of honey and sugar in potato juice and apply this paste on the face. After drying the paste, wash the face with cold water. Use this once a day. It helps in increasing the glow on the face.


Sugar - turmeric

Grind sugar and turmeric powder together, and add a little honey to it. Make a thick paste of it and apply it on the face for 10 minutes. and wash your face.

Tomato - Sugar

Tomato juice helps in lightening the complexion. Once a day, mix sugar in half a tomato and massage it with light hands on the face.


Green tea - sugar

Make a paste by mixing green tea leaves, sugar, and almond oil. Apply this paste on the face with light hands.

Lemon sugar

If you apply lemongrass and sugar paste on your face at night, then you will definitely see the difference.