Study: The problem of increasing brain fog in long Covid, researchers told that brain cells will be healthy due to the consumption of these things


The severity of the infection and the health complications caused by it have been a major challenge for patients and health experts since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Many types of problems in the form of long covid are also increasingly being reported among people who have recovered since the second wave in the country, that is, the problems of long covid along with infection, two major challenges related to the epidemic at this time. Huh. It has been seen in many cases that cases of long covid can also cause serious problems, as well as in some people these problems can persist for six months to a year.


Brain fog is also one such serious health problem among people affected by Long Covid. In this condition, people may feel many problems related to the brain such as lack of concentration, confusion and unclear thoughts, weakness in memory. In some cases, brain fog makes it difficult for people to carry on with normal life activities. According to health experts, people who have recovered from the infection should take special care about its symptoms, so that the condition can be detected in time and the patient can be treated properly. Let us understand this in detail further.

Brain fog problem in long covid
Many researches indicate that corona infection can affect many parts of the body. In some people, the brain can also be affected by the infection, which can also persist for a long time in the form of long covid. In a UK report, Professor Goodwin says that research shows that the corona virus can damage the mitochondria of brain cells. The virus begins to multiply itself within the brain, due to which people can experience a variety of complications during infection and even after recovery. Brain fog is one such problem.

How to identify brain fog?
According to health experts, in the case of brain fog, you may feel as if you do not remember old things, you are lost in a maze. In this condition, feeling confused, lonely, hopeless, memory difficulties, lack of focus or problems related to mental clarity can occur. If such problems persist in you after recovering from the infection, then definitely consult a specialist about this.


How to cure brain fog symptoms?
According to health experts, the effect of the virus on brain cells can also affect the immune system. Researchers say that it is very important to take special care of diet to avoid its complications. Foods rich in nutrients can help in the regeneration of brain cells. Especially consuming things rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins can be very beneficial for such people. Benefits can be found by including things like flaxseed, chia seeds, fish, walnuts, tofu, shellfish, sprouts and avocados in the diet.