Stretching Exercises: Do this easy stretching by taking breaks between work in the office, muscles will relax


Stretching Exercises: Continuous working in front of a computer or laptop not only affects the eyes but can also cause pain in the back, waist, and shoulders. So with the stretching exercises given here in between work, you can avoid these problems.

Stretching Exercises: If you spend more time in front of the computer, then you can have many problems by working in one place for hours, so you should take a break of 5 minutes during work. This increases your productivity and also removes the tiredness of the body and eyes. In these 5 minutes, you can charge energy through some exercises...

1. Standing Side Stretch

  • This is the most stretching exercise. After getting tired and sitting for a long time, the standing side stretch gives you instant relief and the muscles get relaxed.
  • To do this, first of all, stand upright by lifting from the chair and locking your palms, lifting your hands and pulling the body upwards.
  • Now in the same position turn left once and turn right once. Do this at least three times.

2. Chair Twist

  • This is also an easy stretching exercise, which you can do while sitting in a chair.
  • To do this, slide the chair back from the table. Now stretch the body while raising your hands and rotate it left and right alternately.
  • During this, if you want, you can also stretch by spreading the legs in front. This will relax your body and you will get relief.
  • 3. Chair Spinal Twist
  • This stretching exercise is also very easy, which you can do while sitting in a chair.
  • To do this, take a side position keeping your back on the chair on the left side.
  • To do a spinal twist, while holding the back of the chair, turn your head to the left. Stretch your spine as you inhale and twist as you exhale.

4. Steps Stretch

  • You can do this stretching exercise while standing on a ladder. It will take just one minute to do it.
  • First of all, stand straight on the ground in front of the ladder.
  • Now put your right foot up to two steps and make a 90-degree angle between both the feet.
  • Now while staying in this position, tilt your body forward and try to touch your toe with your hands. Then straighten up and now do the same process with the other leg.